Buildings on road reserve demolished

Seven buildings on road reserves in Chuka town have been pulled down.

On Sunday, residents found the buildings demolished by the roads’ contractor Territorial Works and property that had not been removed was destroyed.

Owners of the buildings went to salvage what they could from the debris.

Others who knew they had erected structure on road reserves volunteered to pull down the structures to save the building stones and metal bars.

Many residents welcomed the move that is meant to expand Tharaka Nithi’s largest town.

Chuka Igambang’ombe MP Muthomi Njuki said the buildings had to be pulled down on a short notice as the construction of the road is supposed to be complete by April, according to the contract under the Kenya Urban Roads Authority.

“We are now remaining with three months since the contract kicked off in March last year. We had to remove water pipes and electric poles on the road that ultimately caused delays of the works. The roads cannot be delayed further,” he said.

Njuki said other buildings on road reserves will be pulled down.

The legislator said the road will be built to accommodate flower beds pedestrian walks.

“From the tarmac we want one metre for pedestrian walk clearly marked, two metres for service cables, and two metres for flower beds,” Njuki said.

He said those who feel aggrieved by the pulling of the houses should go to court.

Njuki said the roads will change the face of the town and attract investors.


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