Lets work together in 2015 for the sake of developmental Agenda,Njuki urges Tharaka Nithi leaders

Chuka Igambangombe MP Muthomi Njuki has urged leaders in Tharaka Nithi County to stop politicking and instead focus on delivering their campaign pledges and manifestos.

He said county government leaders and legislators should put aside their personal interests and work as a team to stir development agenda in the grassroots.

“This is now the second year and the leadership of the county and the national government in most areas has not been able to come together and agree on development agendas. Everything that you touch or say is politicized. Here is need for us to put our differences aside since residents who elected us like seeing leaders working together,” He said.

He said leaders do not gain political mileage by bursting other leaders or begin campaigning early in midst of work.

“Residents are not interested in campaign teams by leaders they are interested with what you can deliver for the community as a leader to better their welfare in terms of health, self reliance, communication, food production and  infrastructure,” Njuki said.

He said the leaders should agree on core issues and bring amenities to the people to avoid the public going to other counties to access services that could have been in the county.

“We were supposed to have a Huduma center in Chuka and everything was put in place but a leader wrote a letter opposing and wanted it put in county headquarters Kathwana instead. The national government did a survey and said it was not possible to put it there because of the poor infrasture because of lack of fiber optic cable. Residents now have to go to Meru and Embu counties to access services that would have been available within our county,” He said.

He said leaders should avoid dragging behind development using the excuse of county headquarters.

He clarified he was not opposed to the county headquarters being in Kathwana since it is in his constituency but some projects fit Chuka town because of its good infrastructure.

He urged leaders to differentiate between politics and practicality.

“My urge to leaders in the year 2015 is let us waive the olive branches to one another put aside politics and work for the people for the next remaining time, we will politick the last four months,” He said.



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