Tharaka Nithi leaders title deeds

Tharaka Nithi deputy governor Deputy Governor Eliud Murithi has petitioned Land cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu to send

officials to demarcate land in disputed areas in Tharaka Nithi- Meru border to end conflict between the two counties.

He said many leaders applauded the move after Ngilu said she will be sending officials to demarcate the land and allocate title


“As leaders we were happy and welcomed the move by Ngilu  when  she announced her ministry will be sending officials in the

area to solve land woes in Meru and Tharaka Nithi we though our land issues will be addressed but when we saw the circular we

realised it deals with areas that are not in dispute and we were surprised, ” Murithi said.

He said the officials should be send in ares with conflict first.

Murithi said ministry of lands should first address ares bordering Meru county that include Gakurungu,Gakuruni, Gatirini, Gikingo

Njoguni , Gatoroni, Gatithini, Turima,Mukothima since many residents do have title deeds.

He said they are going to write a letter to  Cabinet secretary and compel her to first address this areas.

“It will be bad for  officers from the ministry go back to Nairobi if they have not resolved this issues” Murithi said.

Mukothima MCA Mwenda Gataya said there has been a long conflict between communities living in the area due

to lack of titles.

“We have landless people since most of them were evicted from their farms in a land disputes that have lasted more than  20

years,” Gataya said.

Gataya said leaders welcomed the move as they though locals grievances will be addressed but after seeing the areas to be

probed were not in dispute.

“We are not against the allocation of titles in areas the ministry has outlined but ares that have had problems for a long time

should be given first priority, ” He said.



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