Chuka MP embraces Former Tharaka MP as a a hero

Chuka  Igambang’ombe  MP Muthomi Njuki has urged national museums and archives  to enlist caves and shrines, in Tharaka Nithi where Mau Mau war veterans hid as national heritages and tourists attraction sites.

Njuki said many Mau Mau war veterans who fought for countries independence hailed from the county’s  Maara and Chuka Igambang’ombe constituencies.

Njuki was speaking in county headquarters in Kathwana during the Mashujaa day celebrations.

“If you fought or took food to Mau Mau you are a heroine or hero (Shujaa)

He said that former assistant minister and Tharaka MP Francis Kagwima contributed greatly to the counties development.

“He fought for division of  Tharaka Nithi district from the larger  Meru,which later contributed greatly to us having a devolved unit after

the new constitution, Otherwise we would have been in Meru county  were if it were not for him,” Njuki said.

He said the move by Kagwima greatly ensured Tharaka Nithi was named among one of the 47 counties in the country.

” We would have been like Mwingi who are under Kitui county since the county is one of the smallest in the entire country,” He added.

Njuki urged other leaders in the county to emulate Kagwima who was Tharaka  MP in 2002-2007.

“Leaders should not focus on reelection but to deliver to their electorates pledges and manifestos as well as help address peoples

needs, problems and challenges, ” He said.



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