Chuka MP embraces Former Tharaka MP as a a hero

Chuka  Igambang’ombe  MP Muthomi Njuki has urged national museums and archives  to enlist caves and shrines, in Tharaka Nithi where Mau Mau war veterans hid as national heritages and tourists attraction sites.

Njuki said many Mau Mau war veterans who fought for countries independence hailed from the county’s  Maara and Chuka Igambang’ombe constituencies.

Njuki was speaking in county headquarters in Kathwana during the Mashujaa day celebrations.

“If you fought or took food to Mau Mau you are a heroine or hero (Shujaa)

He said that former assistant minister and Tharaka MP Francis Kagwima contributed greatly to the counties development.

“He fought for division of  Tharaka Nithi district from the larger  Meru,which later contributed greatly to us having a devolved unit after

the new constitution, Otherwise we would have been in Meru county  were if it were not for him,” Njuki said.

He said the move by Kagwima greatly ensured Tharaka Nithi was named among one of the 47 counties in the country.

” We would have been like Mwingi who are under Kitui county since the county is one of the smallest in the entire country,” He added.

Njuki urged other leaders in the county to emulate Kagwima who was Tharaka  MP in 2002-2007.

“Leaders should not focus on reelection but to deliver to their electorates pledges and manifestos as well as help address peoples

needs, problems and challenges, ” He said.



Nkatha slams Meru Legislators rebellion

Tharaka Nithi Women representative Beatrice Nkatha has slammed  Meru legislators for creating  political scuffles in the region

perceived as a Jubilee stronghold.

She said the legislators should avoid complaining about being sidelined in the Jubilee government as they have magnanimously

benefited from it.

She said the new move by the Meru leaders to support the Pesa Mashinani initiative will only bring differences among leaders in

the Mount Kenya East.

She emphasized on the need of Meru,  Tharaka Nithi and Embu leaders to cooperate to forge development in the Mount Kenya

East region.

“When we are together as a unit, even if we go to the President we would not  be let down  in our lobby for development projects.

Isolation created by the Meru leaders who were key supporters of the Jubilee government during last years general elections is

not good for regional politics,” Nkatha said.

Meru Governor Peter Munya has been perceived as a rebel following his support for Council Of Governors  ‘Pesa Mashinani’

Senator Kiraitu Murungi pulled his Alliance Party of Kenya (APK) in the initiative and were laterly joined by other Legislators

including  Women representative Florence Kajuju and Igembe South MP Mithika Lithuri .

Nkatha  was speaking on Friday in Kiriani, Maara constituency after donating cash to various Women groups in the


She said Meru leaders should drop their quest for a plebiscite  since the government has initiated and will initiate various

projects in the three counties.

” The calls for a referendum is irrelevant since they have received enough funding and got many projects since inception of

Uhuru Kenyatta as President they just want to make noise over nothing, ” She said

She said the governors should accept being queried about spending of cash to ensure funds are not embezzled.

” The county bosses should be given more money to stir development in the county they should also be accountable for the

same since the funds are meant to benefit the public, ” She said.

There has been exchange of words between Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki and Igembe South MP  Mithika Linturi and Senator

Kiraitu Murungi after Mbiuki  alleged that due to the political wrangling in Meru, county leaders ought to consider going for

counselling and advice on how to run county affairs.

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Tharaka Nithi leaders title deeds

Tharaka Nithi deputy governor Deputy Governor Eliud Murithi has petitioned Land cabinet secretary Charity Ngilu to send

officials to demarcate land in disputed areas in Tharaka Nithi- Meru border to end conflict between the two counties.

He said many leaders applauded the move after Ngilu said she will be sending officials to demarcate the land and allocate title


“As leaders we were happy and welcomed the move by Ngilu  when  she announced her ministry will be sending officials in the

area to solve land woes in Meru and Tharaka Nithi we though our land issues will be addressed but when we saw the circular we

realised it deals with areas that are not in dispute and we were surprised, ” Murithi said.

He said the officials should be send in ares with conflict first.

Murithi said ministry of lands should first address ares bordering Meru county that include Gakurungu,Gakuruni, Gatirini, Gikingo

Njoguni , Gatoroni, Gatithini, Turima,Mukothima since many residents do have title deeds.

He said they are going to write a letter to  Cabinet secretary and compel her to first address this areas.

“It will be bad for  officers from the ministry go back to Nairobi if they have not resolved this issues” Murithi said.

Mukothima MCA Mwenda Gataya said there has been a long conflict between communities living in the area due

to lack of titles.

“We have landless people since most of them were evicted from their farms in a land disputes that have lasted more than  20

years,” Gataya said.

Gataya said leaders welcomed the move as they though locals grievances will be addressed but after seeing the areas to be

probed were not in dispute.

“We are not against the allocation of titles in areas the ministry has outlined but ares that have had problems for a long time

should be given first priority, ” He said.