Tharaka Nithi and Embu schools shatter four buses in Fight

Tharaka Nithi and Embu schools  shatter four buses in Fight

Dennis Dibondo

June 16, 2014

Students of Ikuu Boys High school from Tharaka Nithi and Kegonge High school from Embu County destroyed property of unknown amount after engaging each other in a fight that left four of their school buses shattered.

The incident took place on Sunday in Ikuu School, Chuka Igambang’ombe constituency

The star Established Kegonge High school was barred from visiting schools in Embu County because of indiscipline was being hosted by Ikuu School alongside two other schools to watch a Kiswahili set book by Planet Theater actors.

Confirming the Incident Meru South police boss Beatrice Kiraguri said a brief exchange ensued after four students of Kegonge Boys High school student surrounded a rugby player with knifes with motive of attacking him.

“The Student managed to escape without any injuries, Ikuu boys students reacted in defense of their colleague. The two schools engaged in a fight and started hurling stones at each other and chased Kegonge from their school compound” Kiraguri said.

Kiraguri said students of both schools escaped the incident with minor injuries.

She warned school administrators to frisk students regularly to avoid such misconduct since they shall be held responsible.

“In future schools holding such events should be inviting the police where in order maintain security to avoid indiscipline” She said.

She added police have launched investigations to unearth the cause of the and arrest those involved.

Already alcohol and pen knifes were confiscated concealed in one of the buses an indication that some students were drunk during the ordeal.

An audit is being conducted to estimate the lost incurred by two schools the two schools.

Ikuu Principal  suggested that each school cover its cost.



Picture Captions


Cap 1,2: Two buses  belonging to Ikuu Boys School


Cap 3,4: Kegonge Boys High school bus.


Water Poisoning in Mount Kenya region is a hoax- Police

Water Poisoning in Mount Kenya region is a hoax- Police

Dennis Dibondo

Thursday,June, 4,2014

Police in Tharaka Nithi have cautioned against the rumours alledging water in Mount Kenya region is poisoned.
Tharaka Nithi police boss Johnston Ipara said the rumours that were spread via text message are fabricated  baseless, unfounded and without fact since no one had been admitted in hospital or deaths reported.
Ipara was spaeking to the Star in his office in Chuka following the ‘scare’.
He said the ordeal was intended to bring fear , panic for no reason.

The text message that was circulating  in Tharaka Nithi yesterday reads “Kama unakunywa  maji ya NIWASCO jua sahii imeekwa dawa mbaya na imeua watu kwa hivyo usikunywe tuma ujumbe huu kwa marafiki zako” ( if you area drinking water from Nithi Water and Sewerage company you should know it has been poisoned and it has killed people so do not drink send this message to your friends)

” The rumours started in Nyeri and circulated to Karatina, Kirinyaga and on reaching Embu it became viral and spread to Tharaka Nithi” Ipara said.

He said police have already taken samples of the water from the outlets  to be tested and confirmed.

He however asked residents to continue using water as it is safe for human consumption.


Ipara urged residents to share any information that seem to be causing fear with police and other government officials who will advive them on what to do in such circumstances.

The police boss cautioned those circulating such rumours.

” Those who will be seized in transmission that are false they willl be arrested for the same and be arraigned in a court of law”  Ipara said.

The star established that residents in Chuka town and its outskirts feared drinking the water yesterday because of the news that they will eventualy die or fall ill after taking it.


Police boss warn tutors of dupers

Police boss warn tutors of dupers


Dennis Dibondo


June 5, 2014


Tharaka Nithi police boss Johnston Ipara has cautioned tutors against conmen operating in the county.


Ipara said the dupers were targeting unemployed teachers, and those that had not been staffed by the Teachers service commission with a promise of securing them with a job.



“They have been solisticating for bribes with a promise of securing desperate teachers with a well paying job under the TSC, after dishing out the cash the teachers are left helplessly”


He was speaking to the Star in his office in Chuka town following a recent case.


Ipara was referring to a case where a Patrick Mwiti, a teacher at Kiithwa primary school was arrested after solisticating Sh 280,000 from four people in Chogoria town with promise he would secure them with a job.



He said Mwiti had already pocketed Sh 280,000 with promise of receiving a balance of similar amount after the four had got the job.



He told residents to be on the lookout for such conmen and said  only Teachers Service Commission is responsible for staffing teachers gunning to be employed by the government.



The star confirmed that Mwiti was arraigned in court and where he denied the charges before Chuka resident Magistrate Hellen Malkia Siika and was due to be released on Sh 300,000 bond or Sh 200,000 cash bail.



The case will proceed on August, 8, 2014.



Tharaka Nithi county assembly wants Kitty to fight famine

Tharaka Nithi county assembly wants Kitty to fight famine


Dennis Dibondo


June 2, 2014


Tharaka Nithi county assembly has cautioned the county government to move up with speed and allocate kitty to fight drought and famine in the county.


Speaking on Sunday, during the Madaraka day celebrations led by Deputy Speaker Paul Mwabu they said the county is facing food shortage due to inadequate rainfall in the county.


“People are suffering especially in Tharaka Constituency which is semi arid we want the county to tap in funds to help our people who are in need of food, we do not want our people to die due to starvation” Mwabu said.


Mwabu who is also MCA for Marimanti ward said they seek to table a motion when the county assembly resumes seeking, He was optimistic the motion will succeed.


Mwabu sentiments were backed by Mukothima MCA Mwenda Gataya who said the residents in Tharaka and Igambang’ombe are waiting for next season harvest in January.


“The rains that poured in the area were not enough, the crops planted have dried up and most of the pupils might not attend school due to lack of food” Gataya said.


Ganga Ward MCA Lizbeth Gatiria said as a leader he will not be happy to lead people who are starving as many are not expecting any harvest.


Governor Samuel Ragwa said he is already preparing Sh 50 million to distribute to the affected areas so as to avert any loss of life due to the famine.



CORD should Forget Power Sharing – Kindiki

CORD should Forget Power Sharing – Kindiki

Dennis Dibondo

June 2, 2014

Senate Leader of Majority Kithure Kindiki has told off CORD to forget power sharing and instead strategise on how to form a Shadow Cabinet and focus on coming election.

Speaking on Sunday at Kathwana Town, Tharaka Nithi during Madaraka Day celebrations Kindiki said Jubilee government will only accept meaningful dialogue on key issues affecting the country but not power sharing.

“I want to send a message to the CORD fraternity they should not return us to divisive politics of ‘Nusu mkate’ (power sharing), that will be full of wrangles. We want national dialogue to deal with insecurity, to make sure our youths get jobs, to make sure that devolution works but we do not need a consensus to divide a country as if it a piece of meat among a few politicians in a board room.” Kindiki said.


The Tharaka Nithi senator said CORD as the official opposition should formulate a shadow cabinet to recommend alternatives, formulate good policies and effectively examine the Jubilee government instead of seeking alternatives such as demonstrations and staging massive political rallies in stadia.


“I really hope Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Moses Wetangula, James Orengo, Bonny Khalwale, Hassan Omar and other CORD leaders who take youths in a stadia and cheat them that their believes will Change if those politicians are given ministerial positions they should know we had an election and we elected President Uhuru Kenyatta” Kindiki said.


Kindiki said that he will table a motion in the Senate seeking to change the formula for allocation of funds.


He said the motion seeks to lobby more for funds for maginalised counties instead of allocating huge chunks of money to counties that have good infrastructure.


“ The formula was put in place in the year 2010 when there the senate was not operational it is wrong, you cannot allocate huge funds to counties that are developed at the expense of others that have dire need just because those counties have huge populations. We are going to review the formula,” He said.


He listed Lamu, Kitui, Tharaka Nithi, Turkana and Kwale among others as counties that need to be allocated huge allocation to develop.





Senate Leader of majority Kithure Kindiki, Chuka MP Muthomi Njuki and Mukothima MCA Mwenda Gataya at Kathwana Stadium during Madaraka Day celebrations on Sunday.

Pig thief Killed

Livestock thief killed


Dennis Dibondo





A man 30 year old man from Mpukoni market,Chuka was hacked to death on Sunday  by a mob after they accused him of stealing livestock.


Witnesses said Njue Kiboko aged 30 years was caught carrying a fat pig stolen from within at around 11 pm.



Confirming the incident  Tharaka nithi police boss Johnstone Ipara has appealed to the members of the public to assist police in revealing the criminals in such crimes rather than taking law on their arms.


Ipara said  that an angry mob descended on him with kick and blows and hacked him with a panga seriously injuring him.



“His body had deep cuts and clothes were filled with blood stains, he died  before the police arrived at the crime scene” He said.



The body was taken to Chuka sub county hospital morgue.


Elsewhere a 35 year old man in Tunyai,Tharaka South died in his house after a short illness.



Naftali Murithi Kaithi  was found dead in his house on Saturday. Witnesses say the deceased had complained of chest pains a day before.


The police who  arrived at the scene confirmed no visible injuries on the corpse before taking it to the Meru Hospital morgue awaiting postmortem.



National government to complete the construction of 15 halted grain stores across the country

The national government will complete the construction of 15 halted grain stores across the country it had initiated in areas prone to aflatoxin.


Speaking on Friday at Mitheru, Tharaka Nithi while on tour at one of cereals storage facility that had halted, Principal Secretary Cecily Kariuki said the government will tap in more funds to complete the projects and then handle them to county government to manage them.


“We have already allocated funds to finish all works in the in areas we had initiated projects so that farmers cannot loose products. “Farmers should be empowered to deliver their products that are of good quality” She said.


She added government and the European Union is funding another project  dubbed ‘Cereals Enhancement Program’ at a cost Sh.3 billion in 8 counties and Tharaka nithi was among the beneficiaries.


“The project will see cereals farming in arid and semi arid areas to attain food security in the entire country and hence eradicating poverty in line with vision 2030 and millennium development goals” She said



She urged farmers to utilize subsidized farm inputs that the government is providing across the country in order to uplift their livelihoods.


Maara constituency Member of Parliament Kareke Mbiuki commended the government for putting up measures to ensure the grain stores in the county are successful.


“All other 47 counties have depots building of grain stores halted due to failure by the government to remit money appropriately after it was gazette that the projects were devolved to county governments. “There is no way you can devolve an ongoing project, it should be completed and the handed over to county governments” Kareke said.


The former assistant ministers for agriculture said the national government should consider abandoning the laptop projects and instead shift Sh.25bn towards such agricultural projects instead.


He noted that the grain storage facility which was initiated by the previous government at Mitheru would be of more important if its completion is done on time to benefit farmers in the project who will invest adequately in farming.